When is your next movie coming out?


Darren has taken a short hiatus from making feature films to complete his first ever Television show, called Adventures With God.  Season 1 will be released in late 2016, and will be broadcast on various Christian networks throughout 2017.  

This doesn't mean that we are done making feature films!  In fact, we are currently in production for the follow up to the film that started it all, Finger of God 2.  Darren will be Producing the film, while Will Hacker will be assuming Director duties.  They will be visiting some of the same places Darren did 10 years ago to see what has happened since then, and they will also set out on some of their own, new adventures.  The film will focus on the central question: what is the point of Christianity?

Darren will continue working on Season 2 of Adventures With God throughout the first half of 2017, and then hopes to start raising money and filming his next feature as a Director in the 2nd half of 2017 with The God Man, a film about Jesus that will complete his God Adventure Series.

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