Is Darren available to speak at my church/conference?

People are constantly surprised to find out that Darren is also an accomplished speaker, and has taught and preached in churches, conferences, and events all around the world. Teaching freshmen at a University at 8 am for 13 years taught him not only to have great content, but to also develop a delivery that is both funny, poignant, and powerful. It is not uncommon for people to tell him that he might just be a better speaker than he is a filmmaker!

As much as Darren loves to speak around the world, his schedule is such that he must be very picky in the things he chooses to do. This should not dissuade you from inviting him to speak at your church or event, but simply keep in mind that his demanding schedule may not be able to accommodate for every request.

Please email to share the details of your coming event and to find out Darren's availability.

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