What are the deluxe editions?

The Deluxe Editions not only come with the movie, but also extra DVDs packed full of additional interviews, stories straight from the streets, and a look behind the scenes. Visit the product pages for  Finger of God Deluxe Edition,  Furious Love Deluxe EditionFather of Lights Deluxe Edition, Holy Ghost Deluxe Edition, and Holy Ghost Reborn Deluxe Edition for more information and to view clips straight from the deluxe!

Our Deluxe Editions in digital download format come as one long film, instead of separate components. 

 Example of the difference in Holy Ghost!

The Holy Ghost Regular DVD includes the full length movie, director's commentary, and subtitles in English, French, and Spanish.

The Holy Ghost Deluxe Edition also includes the full length movie with director's commentary and subtitles on disc 1. In addition, the deluxe comes with two extra DVDs packed with great interviews, stories, and behind-the-scenes footage: 

  • DVD 2 – From The Streets (Nearly 3 hours of behind-the-scenes footage)
    • Salt Lake City
    • Monaco
    • The Korn Concert
    • India
    • On The Road
  • DVD 3 – The Interviews (Nearly 3 hours of extra interviews)
    • Hearing the Holy Spirit
    • Holy Spirit Encounters
    • Creativity & The Holy Spirit
    • An Afternoon With My Dad
    • Storytime
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