Why WP Films? What does the name mean?

To better understand the reasoning behind the name of the company, what follows is a brief explanation from Darren Wilson. Hopefully, it provides a better understanding of the ethos of WP Films (previously known as Wanderlust Productions):

"Even when they don’t say anything, I see them thinking it. Wanderlust? I have a feeling people mostly just notice the "lust" part of the name and leave it at that, so I guess I feel compelled to explain the reasoning behind the choice.

First, the basic definition. Wanderlust literally means: "A strong, innate desire to travel or wander." While I certainly do like to travel, that’s not the significance behind the name. The real point of it lies in the spiritual connotations.

As an artist, I have always been more interested in questions than in answers. Answers never inspired me, nor did they move me. Questions denote a sense of mystery; that something out there needs to be discovered–whether it’s inside of me or some revelation from God–a question leaves room for Him to provide an answer, and answers from God, I have found, are a tad more profound than those from men.

So I guess you could say I have Wanderlust of the spirit. I reside firmly in my Father’s arms, but my Spirit is restless. I am discontent with religion as an institution. I am much more interested in the power and the grandeur and the mystery of God than I am in what he does or does not allow me to do. And I have absolutely no interest in focusing on the faults of others. I’ve got my own issues to worry about.

There is good and there is evil. Light and darkness. Grace and shame. Holy and obscene. And the two are constantly at war in our hearts, vying for supremacy. And I think if we actually allowed ourselves to admit it, that we all have a kind of spiritual wanderlust. It has either been crushed, or betrayed, or stopped up, or flattened, or is held back by fear, but it’s there; a general sliver of discontent in our spirit, urging us that there must be, there has to be more. It is a sliver put there by the Spirit.

My goal as an artist is to scratch that spot, make it bleed if necessary, to get the sliver out and let it roam free in my life. I hope to capture that journey on film so that you, too, might find a release of sorts.

Your own wanderlust."


In the spring of 2014, we made a company decision to change our name from Wanderlust Productions to WP Films. We noticed that quite a few of people were getting caught up on the "lust" part of our name, so we simply decided to remove the stumbling block. Why let something so small stand in the way of a person encountering the Father!

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