How can I host a showing?

    SIGN UP Here!

   When can I have my event?  

    -All hosted showings can be booked from today's date and on! Please plan ahead, as we    require a 17 day minimum between sign up date and showing date! 

  What is required of me? 

  -Your only requirement is to purchase a $30 showing license and promote the event to your community in the upcoming weeks!

Are the showings restricted to the US?

-No! You can sign up to show the film anywhere in the world!

Can I sell tickets at my event?

-Included in the purchasing of the film license is your agreement that tickets may NOT be sold.

Is the film included with the license?

-If you are taking part in the Pre-Release Tour the film will be provided to you. If you are scheduling your event after October 20 you will need to purchase the DVD or Digital Download to show the film.

Am I required to sell DVDs at my event? 

-Nope, but you sure can!  We’ve made it super simple for you to have DVDs on hand to sell if you so choose, and it’s a wonderful way for your church/organization to make money off the event to help offset costs, fund missions trips, or other needs your church may have! You'll have the opportunity to order as much or as little product you want when you purchase the license. Unfortunately, we cannot alter your product purchase once the license has been submitted, so make sure you've planned accordingly before signing up! 

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