How did Darren get started?

In 2005, Darren Wilson was an English Professor at Judson University, in Elgin, Illinois, and he was burnt out on Christianity.  Around this time, in a moment of desperate vulnerability, he asked God for a creative idea.  Within minutes the Lord had given him the initial idea that would eventually become his first feature film documentary, Finger of God.

In May 2006, while reluctantly attending a conference at what was formerly known as the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, in Toronto, Canada, he had an encounter with an angel named Breakthrough who asked him three times if he was “ready.”  Darren said yes, not knowing what he was even saying yes to.  The angel then simply told him to “make that movie.”  Immediately after this encounter, Darren had a profound experience with God that, for the first time, revealed the heart of the Father for him, and the gracious love that comes with it. 

After these radical encounters Darren set out to make Finger of God using money borrowed from family and friends, teaching himself production and editing along the way.  The resulting film created a new genre of films and, along with the films that have followed it (Furious Love, Father of Lights, Holy Ghost, Holy Ghost: Reborn, and The God Man) have revolutionized what Christians films are capable of and have transformed the lives of countless thousands around the world.

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